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What can we offer you?

At Attero, we offer efficient and environmentally-friendly waste processing solutions for all of our customers, wether from the Netherlands or from abroad. 


As the largest player in the Netherlands, we offer around 1.800 kton of incineration capacity across two state-of-the-art Energy from Waste (“EfW”) plants.

Our largest EfW plant in Moerdijk has an annual throughput of around 1.000 kton. It is also one of the most energy efficient EfW plants in the Netherlands.

Our EfW plant in Wijster offers 800 kton of annual throughput. The Wijster plant is unique, combining EfW with a front-end materials recycling facility. To date our Wijster plant, it is the largest in the world that operates in such a combined facility.

Our facilities meet all environmental requirements as laid out by the relevant Dutch authorities, both in terms of the emissions controls as well as the terms that allow our electricity to be ‘green’.


Our two large EfW plants are strategically located in northwest Europe.

Both plants are readily  accessible as they are directly connected to national rail and road networks. To facilitate overseas imports, the Moerdijk plant has its own shipping terminal right in the port of Moerdijk. Wijster can also cost-efficiently process import waste due to its close proximity to deep seaports.


Attero is a very reliable partner for our customers across Europe. Our plants have a high availability and thanks to the quality and reliability of our services, many of our municipal and commercial waste customers have been with us for many years.

Not only do we offer significant incineration capacity, we also uniquely offer the ability to store waste thanks to substantial buffering capacity on our own nearby landfills. This way we can assure continuity of waste intake at all times – even during peak seasons or when we temporarily halt incineration for (preventive) maintenance purposes.


With a solution-oriented mentality we work towards creating long-lasting relationships with our customers. We offer much more than just responsible and sustainable waste processing, allowing our customers to have complete ‘peace of mind’ when it comes to disposing of their waste streams.