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Who is Attero?

Attero is a leading Dutch waste management company. We provide a full range of efficient waste management solutions to a wide range of customers in the Netherlands and abroad. Today, we are the the number one player in Energy from Waste and Organic waste recycling in the Netherlands and we process around 40% of all Dutch household waste.

Our experience

Rooted in many years of experience, our company focuses on the large-scale processing of municipal waste, commercial waste, organic waste and mineral waste. Attero processes  3.4 million tons of waste at fifteen locations throughout the Netherlands.

Sustainable output

Our state-of-the art waste-to-energy plants in Moerdijk and Wijster produce sustainable electricity for 350,000 households and help meet the heating needs of companies in the area. To enhance sustainability, we have increased recycling of materials (e.g. metals and plastics). By separating and sorting materials from waste, they can be recycled as resources for various industrial applications.

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