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Your way to export?

Having waste processed abroad can sometimes seem a daunting task. Attero will be pleased to help you find your way. We provide support from start to finish.


The ever increasing focus on landfill diversion and CO2 reduction goals within the European Union combined with the current available capacity for Energy for Waste (EfW) plants inside for instance Ireland or the United Kingdom, are leading a growing number of businesses towards the export of Residual Derived Fuel (RDF) as a secondary fuel for WTE facilities. More so since the current capacity in for instance the Netherlands have had a profoundly positive effect on the economical viability of this solution.


There are a few steps that have to be taken on the road to export:

Processing the waste. After sorting both commercial and household waste, thus collecting different valuables (such as precious metals) it is often put through a shredder in order to make the RDF suitable not only for baling and transport but also to meet with the terms and conditions of the receiving EfW facility.

Finding a suitable EfW facility and securing a contract for the needed capacity and for suitable transport.

Obtaining permission from the local environmental agency through what is known as a TFS (trans frontier shipment) procedure.

 Attero can consult and aid your company throughout all steps of this process.

The case for export

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