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Our safety policy

Attero takes safety very seriously: always and everywhere, without exception. We want zero accidents.

Top priority

Safety is our top priority. Our aim is to offer everyone a clean and safe place of work. That applies both to our own employees and to the drivers arriving at our locations every day, to the employees of companies that work for us and to our visitors. We aim to involve everybody in this process and invite them to share their experiences, knowledge and recommendations with us.


Attero’s safety awareness is at an advanced stage. That starts with knowledge. All of our personnel and managerial staff have completed a recognised safety training course. Safety awareness also means clearly communicating our objectives, plans, procedures, accidents and incidents, and so on. People are confronted and confront each other when unsafe behaviour is noticed.

Where necessary we take measures to enhance safety. We bring safety even closer to our personnel by means of correct, up-to-date and easily accessible procedures and instructions.