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The waste-to-energy plant at the Moerdijk location has been operational since 1997. The plant operates 4 incineration lines, with the fourth incineration line only put into operation in 2008. This plant incinerates municipal waste and similar commercial waste for the production of sustainable energy, electricity and heat. The current annual throughput is around 1,000,000 tons.

World class

The plants four incineration lines are among the most efficient in the world.  They produce high-pressure steam at a pressure of 100 bars at a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius. That is unique in the world of waste incineration. The plant is operated continuously and fully automatically controlled.


The mixed waste is conveyed via a funnel to the moving grates in the ovens, where it is incinerated. The average temperature in the oven is between 950 and 1,100 degrees Celsius. This allows for maximum incineration and at the same time prevents the creation of harmful substances

The walls of the incineration boilers contain pipe clusters with water. The heat from ovens turns this water into steam, which can then be used for the production of energy.  

Sustainable energy


The steam produced by incineration can be used as process steam to neighbouring industrial facilities, as heat for district heating of local residential areas and the rest to generate electricity.

Thanks to highly efficient structure of our plant and leveraging the various off-take options, our plant supplies almost 50 per cent more energy than traditional plants.

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