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The transition to a circular economy is generating plenty of positive energy, and Attero is contributing by creating Lighthouse projects. Attero does this in conjunction with clients that supply waste with raw materials and clients that purchase products.

Lighthouse project - biotray for the kitchen worktop

Successes must become visible if this positive energy is to be retained.  Therefore Attero would like to carry out several so-called Lighthouse projects. The Lighthouse projects serve as inspiration for others and are intended to lead the way. The biotray for the kitchen worktop is one example. This tray was produced from 100% recycled Attero material together with our partner Vita Plastics and can be fully recycled again. Attero's local-authority clients can purchase these trays for their inhabitants at an extremely reasonable price. It demonstrates to citizens that there is a real point in separating their waste or in having post-separation. It also enables citizens to separate their kitchen waste more conveniently.

CEFLEX cooperation to close the chain

Attero also participates in CEFLEX (www.ceflex.eu), the consortium of European companies that strives for more circularity in flexible packaging. The consortium includes players from various phases of the chain, for example raw material producers, such as Dupont, Dow and Henkel. There are packaging converters, such as Mondi, Huhtamaki and Amcor, and FMCG companies, including Unilever, Procter&Gamble and Nestle. Attero believes there are wonderful applications for the regranulate from its plant for high-grade products, such as garbage bags. However, as part of the CEFLEX project it would like to study what may be required for applications in new packaging together with chain partners. We hope this will lead to more Lighthouse projects.

Circular purchasing - does it create demand or supply?

With its Lighthouse projects Attero endeavours to inspire others and to lead the way. We are extremely pleased with the enthusiastic responses from local authorities that would like to start with our circular propositions. We hope that this may produce a change in the national government’s circular purchasing. They are still focused on purchasing products that are recycled at the end of their lifespan, and not quite so much on purchasing products that are made of recycled materials. This produces the risk of encouraging the supply of recyclate rather than the demand for recyclate. It is the latter we really need! The aim of the European Circular Economy Package is to recycle 75% of all packaging material by 2030. If this supply enters the market without being accompanied by a demand for recyclate, we will face difficult times. With the Lighthouse projects and all the positive energy and good intentions we are convinced that all parties will see the light in time and that they will purchase products that can be recycled and that are made of recycled materials.