Key figures

Attero is the market leader in the field of waste processing and is a leading company in Europe. We strive for continuous improvement – and with success. Our key figures show that:

  • Number of employees: 718
  • Locations: 18
  • Customer satisfaction: 8.0 in 2022 (7.8 in 2020)
  • Safety (LTIF): 1.09 in 2022 (1.7 in 2020)
  • Volume of waste processed: 3.5 million tonnes
  • Energy production: 840 gigawatt hours of electricity and 22 million m3 of green gas
  • Secondary raw materials: 320,000 tonnes of compost, 60,000 plastic and metal packaging waste and beverage cartons (pmd packaging waste) and 210,000 tonnes of other raw materials
  • Turnover: approximately EUR 340 million in 2022

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