Waste = future

How we do that...?

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Your residual waste is converted into energy and raw materials

Our advanced Energy-from-Waste plants produce sustainable electricity, green gas and heat. Our separation and sorting produce (among other things) plastics, drinks cartons and metal - raw materials for new products

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Your packaging waste is converted into raw materials

Every year, Dutch households throw away hundreds of thousands of tonnes of plastic packaging, cartons and metal packaging.

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Your organic waste is converted into compost and energy

Our combined working method of digesting and composting produces green electricity, green gas and high-grade soil improvers. They are our contribution to a better environment and a healthy soil.

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Your mineral waste is converted into raw materials for construction and maintenance

Our vigorous soil remediation, breaking up rubble into granulate and producing lego blocks and retaining walls are an excellent foundation to build on.

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Energizing the environment

Attero aims to make a real contribution to a more sustainable society and aims to process our clients’ waste efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively by maximising the potential of waste. We recover as many raw materials as possible from the various waste flows and produce sustainable energy in the form of electricity, heat and green gas. This contributes to stopping the depletion of our primary raw materials and natural resources and to halting climate change.

Attero has a comprehensive network of modern and efficient processing plants and is the Dutch market leader in recovering energy from waste. Energy-from-Waste plants, digesting and composting factories, separating and sorting plants, production units to upgrade biogas to green gas, water-purification plants and four operational landfills. We unburden our clients, local authorities and companies with targeted solutions. We support them with realising their ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions and to achieve a circular economy. Together we are looking for the optimum balance between environmental gains and justifiable costs.

RDF Industry Group

The RDF Industry Group has been brought together by Eunomia (as its secretariat) to explore the opportunities and issues relating to RDF export.

Aganfoils (As Good As New Foils)

It is the upcycling of post-consumer film into high quality LDPE granulate in a newly build plant at our Wijster site. Read more about this innovative demonstration process and project. Furthermore, the project matches perfectly with the LIFE "waste" priority topic and receives a contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community.

waste = power

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