From organic waste to compost and energy

Attero is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of processing biowaste into compost products and sustainable energy and marketing it. These are Attero's roots.

We started this circular proposition at our Wijster site in 1929. Today, we process nearly half of all Dutch biowaste into more than 300,000 tonnes of compost at seven sites. At four of our sites, we also produce green power and green gas from biowaste. Attero has the ambition to expand its production of green gas significantly in the coming years.

Composting and anaerobic digesting

In Tilburg, Maastricht, Venlo and Deurne we have our tunnel-composting plants; in Wijster and Moerdijk we compost in large halls, and in Wilp we compost in the open air. In Tilburg, Venlo, Wilp and Wijster, we also anaerobically digest biowaste and produce green electricity and green gas from the biogas. The plant at our Venlo site has been expanded with a special two-stage anaerobic digester. This technology offers the opportunity to extract biosubstrate raw materials. At several sites we also turn commercial organic waste into soil improvers and sustainable energy.

The wood-like fraction that is released when processing organic and green streams is used at our Biomass Power Plant in Odiliapeel. The steam produced is used for steam-peeling potatoes at PEKA Kroef, a company adjacent to the plant.

Telling is one thing, showing is another.

Want to see how we process biowaste on our sites? The composter turns it into compost and the anaerobic digester turns this compost into green gas. Click the video on the left for an inside look at our facilities.

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