Energy transition policy

With the right policies, energy from waste will help the Netherlands towards greater self-sufficiency in sustainable heat, green gas and electricity.


Waste-to-energy plants are already replacing 1.5 billion m3 of natural gas

According to Energie Beheer Nederland, a Dutch state-owned energy management organisation, the Netherlands will be dependent on energy imports until after 2050. Waste-to-energy plants produce renewable heat and electricity. According to Martien Visser, Corporate Strategy Gasunie, Dutch waste-to-energy plants now replace 1.5 billion m3 of natural gas. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management's idea to phase out the capacity of Dutch waste-to-energy plants by 2050 makes us even more dependent on energy imports, complicates the achievement of renewable energy targets and leads to higher costs for citizens.

Waste-to-energy plants are an important source for sustainable district heating

In the Netherlands, all waste-to-energy plants are connected to district heating systems and/or a steam network for industry. The Climate Agreement and the new Coalition Agreement express the ambition to further develop heat grids to move away from natural gas. Waste-to-energy plants are a large, reliable heat source in such heat grids that, together with other renewable heat sources, can provide renewable heat to more and more homes and businesses.

Landfills are ideal locations for renewable energy generation

Land in the Netherlands is scarce and therefore, according to the Zonneladder – a 'ladder' listing possible solar farm locations in order of priority – the construction of solar farms on agricultural land is the least desirable option. Closed sections of landfills are ideal locations for solar farm construction. They provide an ideal angle for optimum efficiency and are usually situated at locations where they are hardly noticed or not at all. There are increasing opportunities to redevelop landfills for recreation (biking, skiing, hiking) and now for solar farms as well.

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