We always work safely

The highest priority at Attero

Safety, health, environment and quality are the most important themes at Attero. A safe working environment is a top priority at our locations. According to Statistics Netherlands, the three most dangerous occupations are those of truck driver, process operator and cook. Not at Attero. We make every effort to ensure that everyone goes home healthy and safe after every workday or visit to our company.

Safety instruction

Returning home healthy and safe. This applies to our own employees, but certainly also to suppliers who perform work at one of our locations. We grant access to sites only if the Attero safety certificate can be produced.
You will receive the Attero safety certificate after viewing the safety instruction and taking a test. You can complete the safety instruction and test in advance on a computer, tablet or mobile telephone with Internet access. To do so, visit our safety instruction page.

Safety at Attero

We devote much energy and attention to safe working conditions and safe working practices in an effort to prevent and eliminate accidents in our working environment. Our sites, facilities and processes are not without risk. There are trucks and loaders, for example, as well as high-risk activities such as welding/grinding and cleaning. That is why we have strict safety rules and regulations in place for everyone to comply with and we monitor such compliance.

Measures and attention

To ensure a safe working environment, it is important that are facilities are built properly. We therefore pay close attention to safety in terms of design to eliminate potential risks. We eliminate any remaining risks through regulations and safety rules. We also devote constant attention to safety. This is how we keep our employees and visitors alert. We educate our employees well and train them repeatedly. In every department, short meetings (toolboxes) are held on a regular basis to discuss specific safety topics.

Our employees walk safety rounds every day and report any unsafe situations, actions and near-accidents using an internal system. This way we gain insight and are able to further improve our facilities and regulations.
We also regularly organise projects to keep the perception of safety strong among employees. We also organise special meetings for contractors on safe working practices and we welcome initiatives by departments and employees that improve work safety.

Working together

Companies in the waste management industry are working together to learn from each other how safe working practices without accidents can be achieved. Much has been achieved over the past decade. Work has become safer and the number of accidents with absence is decreasing every year. This collaboration has resulted in the Occupational Health and Safety Catalogue. This is a comprehensive digital document containing measures for optimal working conditions, safety and health at the workplace. The Catalogue is tailored specifically to the situation in the waste industry and is available to all.

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