We aim to reduce our carbon footprint

We want to provide our customers with the most sustainable processing of their waste streams. The soil improvers that we make from biowaste are of ever-increasing high quality, allowing them to be used in segments with even greater CO2 savings. We are also recycling more and more plastic. Our PMD sorting plant is best-in-class in terms of sorting performance and our film recycling plant turns highly contaminated film into regranulate that can be reused to make new high-value plastic products. Attero also offers sustainable processing for residual waste. CE Delft compared different ways of residual waste disposal. The dot indicates how the avoided emissions from recycling and energy production offset combustion emissions (the lower the dot, the better).

A plant that recovers plastics and metals and produces both green gas and electricity/heat from residual waste has the best CO2 footprint. We offer this processing method at our Wijster location.

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