Our climate

We go beyond climate neutrality. This means that our CO2 emissions are more than offset by avoided emissions. Want to know how we do this?

Our CO2 footprint for 2021 is as follows:

  • Waste management: Most of the CO2 emissions at Attero are caused by the incineration of waste. Discarded items in residual waste that are made from fossil resources, in whole or in part, are converted into energy with fossil CO2 being released into the air through the chimney. That said, we produce heat, electricity and green gas from this waste that would otherwise have been produced from coal or natural gas. Production from coal and natural gas results in much greater CO2 emissions that we hereby avoid. We also factor in these avoided emissions in our CO2 footprint. In addition, Attero also imports non-recyclable residual waste from countries where it would otherwise be landfilled. Landfilling residual waste releases large quantities of greenhouse gases (i.e. methane). The fact that we avoid these landfill gas emissions abroad is not factored into our CO2 footprint, by the way.
  • Landfills: In the past, a great deal of residual waste was landfilled. Attero captures as much of this landfill gas as possible to reprocess it into green gas or electricity. Some of the gas is not captured and produces methane emissions (a greenhouse gas expressed in CO2 equivalents, or CO2eq).
  • Recycling: Attero processes a lot of waste into raw materials. By recycling plastic, we prevent more plastic from having to be produced from oil. And with the production of high-quality soil improvers from biowaste, less peat from the Baltic States needs to be mined and transported to the Netherlands. Processing biowaste into compost also produces renewable biogas, via an intermediate step. And by recycling metals from residual and PMD waste, these metals need not be mined. Through all these recycling activities, Attero avoids even more CO2 emissions.

All in all, Attero emitted 884 kilotonnes of CO2 and avoided 902 kilotonnes of CO2 emissions in 2021. This means that, on balance, Attero saved CO2 emissions and was more than climate neutral in 2021.
Our ambition is to increase the amount of avoided emissions to at least 1 million tonnes of CO2 by 2030.

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