Mineral waste streams

Landfill waste streams

Do you have a waste stream that needs to be landfilled?

We can receive landfill waste streams at our sites in Wilp, Wijster, Tilburg and Landgraaf. Not sure if a waste stream should be landfilled? Our waste technical specialists are at your service to assess your waste stream.

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Are you in possession of contaminated soil? We are happy to gauge how we can clean this soil so that we can reuse as much of it as possible.

Our specialists are at your service to assess your contaminated soil. Our soil cleaning techniques can remove all kinds of contamination, even PFAS. Soil that cannot be cleaned is accepted at our four landfill sites.

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Rubble resulting from demolition work is processed into granulates in various grain sizes.

We can crush the rubble with a mobile crushing and screening unit at your job site, but we also have several of our own sites where the rubble can be crushed. By processing your waste at an Attero site, you can be sure that your construction site is emptied out in no time so as to not hinder the progress of the construction work.

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Are you looking to temporarily store your soil for future use? Or do you want to purchase soil?

We are happy to help you with our soil bank. We also clean soil so that it can be used again.

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Are you in possession of mineral waste of a different kind?

Please contact our specialists. We are happy to brainstorm with you on the best course of action for your mineral waste.

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