Customer oriented

We will resolve any complaints you might have

We aim for high customer satisfaction by always being open to improvements. And we are doing better and better. According to market research firm Integron, customer satisfaction climbed from a 7.6 to an 8.0 over the past few years.

It is always a challenge to score well on complaint handling. According to Integron, companies in the industry they surveyed scored a 6.7 on average and the waste industry scored a 5.9 on average. Attero scored a 7.4 on complaint handling. We are very proud of that! We promise to keep improving. If you have a complaint, question or suggestion, please let us know.

Improvement areas

Attero will definitely use the results of the customer satisfaction survey to make improvements. Complaint handling, responsiveness, the accuracy and completeness of invoices, weighing receipts, weighing cards and guidance documents and the quality of our products and services have our continued attention. Another customer satisfaction survey will be conducted in 2024. 

Do you have any suggestions, comments or complaints?

We are happy to enter into a discussion with you to talk about the best possible solution for you. We are also happy to hear any suggestions you might have. The same goes for compliments, of course!

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