About waste management

Attero aims to make a real contribution to a more sustainable society and aims to process our clients’ waste efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively by maximising the potential of waste.  We recover as many raw materials as possible from the various waste flows and produce sustainable energy in the form of electricity, heat and green gas. This way we help prevent the depletion of primary raw materials and combat climate change.

Our processing

We have a comprehensive network of modern and efficient processing plants at our disposal and are the Dutch market leader in recovering energy from waste. Waste-to-energy plants, anaerobic digestion and composting plants, separation and sorting plants, production units to upgrade biogas to green gas, water treatment plants and four operational landfills. This way we can provide our clients, municipalities and companies with a full-service solution and support them in realising their ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions and achieving a circular economy. Together we are looking for the optimal balance between environmental gains and justifiable costs.

From waste to raw materials and energy

Every second we throw away the equivalent of three grey mini waste containers in the Netherlands. That adds up to millions and millions of tonnes of waste. However, throwing it away is not the same as discarding it all together. In the Netherlands, the larger part of this waste is reused as a source of energy and a source of raw materials.

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From packaging waste to raw materials

Packaging waste is increasingly being recycled. This can be done through source separation of PMD (plastics, metals and beverage cartons) or post-collection separation. With post-collection separation, smart technologies are used to separate the PMD from the waste after being collected. We can do both. You can choose for source separation or post-collection separation depending on what works best for you.

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From organic waste to raw materials and energy

Attero is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of processing biowaste into compost products and sustainable energy and marketing it. These are Attero's roots.

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From mineral waste to building materials

Attero accepts and processes a wide range of mineral waste streams. In this respect, too, we work from the principle of recovering the maximum amount of raw materials from these streams. This also means that we clean contaminated streams, making them fit for use again. We recycle materials including rubble and contaminated soil and turn them into reusable raw materials and construction materials to be used in the concrete, road and water construction sector. We do this using several conventional and a number of unique mechanical separation techniques.

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