Videos from and about Attero

We would love to show you what we do at Attero. After all, images say more than words. On this page you will find some of our corporate videos. Want to see more? Then check out our YouTube channel, where you will find much more information about the various business units.

Watch our corporate video.

The largest stream of plastic packaging waste in the Netherlands is film packaging. For this, high-quality recycling opportunities in Europe are still limited. And especially for the somewhat more contaminated foil streams. In order to deploy foils in a circular way from foil-to-film, Attero has developed an innovative washing, flaking and granulating plant with an annual capacity of 24,000 tonnes of foils, Attero's Polymers Recycling Plant (PRP). For this innovative approach with Aganfoils, Attero received a LIFE grant from Europe. How does the process of washing, flaking and granulating work? We tell you in this video.

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