What types of waste do you want to deliver?

Residual waste

We turn waste into new raw materials and renewable energy. On these pages you can read how we do this and what we can do for you.

Residual waste Waste under supervision Other

Packaging waste

We are leaders in the field of sorting plastic and metal packaging waste and beverage cartons, sorting the packaging waste into ten streams at our sorting plant and in recycling plastic in our recycling plant. What we can do for you.

Plastic and metal packaging waste and drink cartons Packaging waste

Organic waste

We turn biowaste into compost, biosubstrate raw materials, green energy and biomass. What type of organic waste stream do you want to deliver?

Bio waste Green waste Organic residual streams Other

Mineral waste

Click here to find the answer to your specific waste delivery question.

Landfill waste streams Contaminated soil Debris Reusable soil Other

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