Attero has the status of “Pre-Approved Locations”

Friday 17 April 2020

The term Pre-Approved status means that the establishment where the waste is processed is designated by the competent authority as a pre-approved recovery facility.

With the pre-approved status Attero delivers the market additional benefits:

The EVOA assumes a regular transfer period of one year. If the shipment takes place to a facility with Pre-Approved status, the notifier may submit a notification with a transfer period of a maximum of three years. In addition, the benefit of a notification for a transfer to a facility with a Pre-Approved status is that the Dutch Inspectorate Authority (ILT) must issue a decision within seven working days after sending the acknowledgment of receipt.

Requirements for installation for VGI status
The facility must have an environmental permit for the waste to be transferred and the method of processing;

  • The establishment must be in operation for at least four years with the treatment plant and the processing of the waste for which the Pre-Approved status is requested;
  • In the four years prior to the request, no administrative and / or criminal sanctions, which are no longer legally disputable, may be imposed due to violations of the provisions mentioned in Appendix I of the Environmental Law Enforcement Instructions (the so-called core provisions);
  • A declaration of conduct must be submitted. The declaration may not be older than two months at the time of submitting the request.
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