Attero is building a recycling factory for plastic film

Thursday 14 September 2017

This new installation has a processing capacity to convert 24 Kton per year into LDPE re-granulate and is constructed at our location in Wijster. This innovative project involves an investment of over 25 million euros.

Years working
Attero has been sorting plastic packaging waste from households for a number of years and also source-separated plastics. So far, these sorted mono streams are pressed into bales and sold to, in particular, foreign recycling companies. The recycling process requires a lot of energy. Energy that Attero produces itself. In addition, we can process the residual flows that are released in the process such as waste and waste water. Therefore, it was decided to build this Polymeren Recyclling Plant in Wijster.

The major difference with existing installations is the ability to thoroughly clean contaminated foils (including a hotwash) and to process it into a high quality and odorless re-granulate. The European Union has granted a LIFE grant for this innovative project. The first granule will be delivered to our customers by the end of 2017. Attero is constantly looking for possibilities for closing cycles. With the construction of this plant, we contribute to reduce consumption of primary raw materials. By washing immediately after sorting and granulating, we save on transport and thus on the emission of CO2. We apply the latest state of the art and work with top class suppliers. We expect to realize a factory that is capable of producing high-quality LDPE re-granulate from most polluted plastics.

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