Transport by trucks

Friday 14 June 2019

The trucks will be uncoupled from full trailers at the Moerdijk or Wijster facility . Especially for this purpose Attero equipped a trailer swap site next to the entrance. The hauliers leaves the trailers with all relevant travel documents taped to the last bale. When specifications are correctly announced within the deadlines, the truck driver attach a truck to an empty trailer and resume their journey.

The great advantage of this system is that
1) the opening hours of the trailer swap sites are longer than the line-up for ‘live’ unloading;
2) trailer change time takes less time than ‘live’ unloading;
3) a foreseen queue of trucks can be handled simultaneously, instead of one-by-one;
4) hauliers can expect a short and predictable turnaround time.

The advantage for Attero is that the imported RDF-flow, is well spread throughout night hours, when the supply of remaining tonnage is low.
As shown, it is very important for both parties, that all trailers are correctly announced, with the right trailer number and correct TFS details, otherwise we refuse the trailer will be refused.

If you need assistance in implementation please contact our Shared Service Centre or Supply Chain Department.

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