Location Bergen op Zoom

Address data:
Moervaart 25
4622 RR Bergen op Zoom

PO Box 40047
7300 AX Apeldoorn

T central number: +31 (0) 88 550 10 00

About this location

At this site, a 10-year pilot has been running for part of the landfill since 2018: “Introduction of Sustainable Landfill Management”. Wastewater from this part is pre-treated and recirculated to “flush” the landfill. Wastewater from other parts of the landfill and from the Zevenbergen landfill is pre-treated in a separate treatment plant. Afterwards, the treated water is discharged to the sewer system.

The landfill gas extracted from the landfill is converted into electricity and waste heat (CHP) using a gas engine.

Opening hours

Our site in Bergen op Zoom is a closed landfill.

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