Location Odiliapeel

Address data:
Beukenlaan 62
5409 SX Odiliapeel

PO box 40047
7300 AX Apeldoorn

T central number: +31 (0) 88 550 10 00

About this location

The biomass power plant in Odiliapeel produces sustainable energy from the wood fraction from the green waste collected in the municipalities of Bernheze, Oss, Veghel, Uden en Sint-Oedenrode. This way, we make a substantial contribution to the environment together. For use in the biomass power plant, wood cuttings from the municipalities are reduced in size first. This is not done at the plant itself, but at regional partners. The resulting biomass arrives at the biomass power plant in the form of chips. The plant produces renewable energy from the biomass in the form of steam. This steam is transferred to the Peka Kroef plant through a pipeline. This potato processor uses the steam in its production process to steam peel potatoes.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. 
Last weighing is carried out 30 minutes before closing.

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