Location Weert

Address data:
6006 TC Weert

Postbus 40047
7300 AX Apeldoorn

T central number: +31 (0)88 550 10 00

About this location 

Attero manages this closed landfill site. Wastewater from the landfill body is collected through a pipeline system and treated at one of our in-house water treatment plants in Landgraaf or Tilburg. Monitoring of groundwater quality is performed on the basis of samples taken through a network of monitoring well pipes near and monitoring drains underneath the landfill.

The landfill gas from the landfill site is converted to electricity in a landfill gas engine. Occasionally, the gas may be flared. The entire landfill is provided with a final seal and features natural landscaping. The intention is for this landfill to be opened to the public as a hiking and recreation area in the future.

Opening hours

This is a closed landfill site.

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