About Attero

Market leader

Attero is an environmental company that operates in the national and international arena. For almost 90 years, we have been active in recovering and reusing energy and raw materials from waste. Our business consists of strong waste-processing companies and we have become the market leader in the Netherlands.

What do we do?

Our Energy-from-Waste plants in Moerdijk and Wijster process residual waste into energy. That is half of the waste supply that we process on an annual basis. Attero believes that incinerating residual waste is valuable and responsible; it generates sustainable energy in the form of heat and/or steam. Half of that is green too. It means we do not have to extract oil, coal or gas from the planet. Besides wind energy, Energy-from-Waste has been the largest source of sustainable energy in the Netherlands for many years.

Attero is also market leader in recovering raw materials from residual waste. Our separating and sorting plants remove plastics, drinks cartons, metals and food remnants that are converted into raw materials and energy. Plastics are sorted, shredded and washed and then granulated into new plastic granules, ready to become new products. Then there are compost products for a healthy soil for our crops and vegetables, for planting trees or building recreation areas and sports fields. Every year, Attero produces hundreds of thousands of tonnes of high-grade compost from source-separated VGF. It also generates millions of cubic metres of green gas, a clean alternative to fossil gas.

Attero cleans contaminated soil, reduces rubble to usable road surfacing materials and creates lego concrete blocks and retaining walls from inert flows. They are all products and raw materials that limit the need to excavate vulnerable areas to extract sand or gravel.

For harmful substances that we want to keep out of the environment forever, Attero still provides the utility function of a landfill for the coming decades. This means we can help to remove asbestos roofs safely from our living environment forevermore.

Our approach

We match our processes to the needs of our clients. Efficiency, sustainability and safe working and low costs are our guiding principles, and therefore we are constantly adapting our technology. It is our way of contributing to a clean living environment. With all these efforts, our operations are almost CO₂-neutral and that fact is as motivating as it is energising.

We believe that processing, recycling, energy generation and useful application of waste should be affordable and efficient. There has to be level playing field when it comes to attracting waste flows and marketing the generated energy and raw materials.

Attero's position on the Dutch waste market is unique because we have extensive strategic buffering capacity. At our landfills Tilburg and Wijster we can temporarily store substantial amounts residual waste. In this way we can always accept waste from our clients as a reliable partner. Moreover, we are so capable to run our energy-from-waste plants our systems always run at full load. Thus we are able to optimally control the supply of waste and our processing capacity. Clients can always come to us if they have a problem with their waste. We will not leave you out in the cold and together we will find a suitable solution.

Our employees

Our 800 enthusiastic and committed employees process 4 million tonnes of waste per year at 15 operational sites in the Netherlands. We have a dynamic work environment and every day presents a new challenge. We are dedicated to the safety of our people and safety has the highest priority. There are plenty of opportunities to attend education, training and courses within Attero. We keep our people knowledgeable, committed and permanently employable.

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