Performance and investments

Potential is enormous

Attero extracts more and more energy and raw materials from residual waste. At the moment, around 96 percent of the residual waste has a useful destination and only 3-4 percent is landfilled in the Netherlands. The potential of waste streams is enormous and new opportunities are presenting themselves all the time. At Attero we strive to develop economically viable solutions to these challenges. Recovering valueable resources for reuse as a raw materials.

Attero's performance

As a reliable partner of governments and companies, Attero provides a sustainable solution for their waste streams. At 15 sites, our 800 motivated employees process waste from Dutch, British and Irish households and companies.

In 2016 3.8 million tonnes of waste were supplied and processed at Attero sites.

- over 1,220 gigawatt of electricity produced;
- 20.4 million cubic meters of green gas;
- 310,000 tons of compost and
- tens of thousands of tons of metals, plastics, building materials and secondary fuels.

Net turnover over 2016 was 328.5 million euros.
The EBITDA was 121 million euros.
Net profit amounted to 30.8 million euros.

R1 value

Energy-from-Waste plants that process residual waste and that are sufficiently energy-efficient are given ‘energy recovery’ status in the Netherlands, also known as the R1 status. All our plants in the Netherlands have that status. The higher the number, the more energy-efficient the plant. The minimum value is 0.60. Both Attero's EfW-plants at Moerdijk and Wijster hold the environmental agency's pre-approved status.

The R1 value of the Energy-from-Waste plant Moerdijk was 1.01 in 2016 and that puts it at the top in the Netherlands. This figure will go up with the construction of the new steam-turbine generator. The figure for the Energy-from-Waste plant in Wijster has risen to 0.727 following innovations and modifications. The Wijster plant recovers plastics and organic material from the residual waste and converts this into green gas and reusable raw materials, but unfortunately this is not included in the official R1 value; otherwise the figure for the Wijster plant would be significantly higher.

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