Highest priority

The themes Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) are ranked number one at Attero. Safe working in a safe working environment has the highest priority at our locations. We want everybody to go home healthily and safely after every working day or after visiting our company.

We therefore spend a lot of energy and attention on safe working conditions and safe working. For example, we want to prevent and exclude accidents in our work environment. Our locations, installations and processes are not without risks. There is a lot of heavy traffic, and activities such as welding / grinding and cleaning operations at an increased risk. That is why we are applying strict security rules and regulations. And we make sure that these rules are respected.

Measures and attention

In order to ensure a safe working environment it is important that our installations are built in a good way. We therefore pay close attention to design safety to remove potential risks. Remaining risks are eliminated by regulations and safety rules. In addition, we constantly pay attention to safety. This way we keep our employees and visitors alert. We train our staff well and train them repeatedly. In all departments, we regularly maintain toolboxes, short meetings discussing specific security themes. Every day our employees run safety rounds, and inform employees through an internal system of potentially unsafe situations, operations and near-accidents. This way we get insight and we can further improve our installations and regulations.

Safety instruction

To work at our locations you need to be in possession of an Attero safety certificate. You can obtain this certificate by watching the safety instruction and then taking a short test: click here.


Extra and unexpected

With large periodic maintenance projects at our processing plants, we intensify our efforts. Kick-off meetings bring attention to all aspects of safety. Additional security experts are hired to supervise the work to be performed. We also expect employees and contractors to take responsibility for their own safety and that of another. In addition to regular checks, we also keep unexpected alcohol checks and evacuation exercises.

Working together

Our industry of waste management companies works together to learn from each other how safe working can be achieved without accidents. Over the past decade, much has been achieved. Work has become safer, and the number of accidents with absence has decreased sharply. This collaboration led to an extensive digital document. This includes measures to achieve optimal working conditions, safety and health at work. It is specifically tailored to the situation in the waste industry. This catalog is recommended by everyone.

Stay informed

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