Sustainable landfill pilot project

The idea behind sustainable landfills is that the environmental burden of a landfill can be reduced to zero in one generation (15 years). In the Netherlands, there is still an 'everlasting aftercare’ obligation for landfills.

Sustainable dumping is possible, and that has been demonstrated by a pilot project that Attero carried out together with colleague companies. There are three pilots that deal with different aspects of sustainable landfills - organic waste, non-biologically active waste and immobilising hazardous waste.

Attero’s pilot at the Landgraaf landfill demonstrated that an incomplete cover leaving rainwater to enter accelerates the stabilisation of a landfill.

In close contact with the Noord-Brabant Provincial Executive, Attero selected a landfill for further study, being De Kragge 2 in Bergen op Zoom.

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