Breaking up rubble, soil cleaning and soil remediation

Granulates screened by size. We use our technology to turn contaminated soil and dirty soil into usable construction materials, and save on CO2 emissions in the process. Attero is also competent when it comes to breaking up rubble. Not for the sake of breaking it up, but to turn it into a broad range of size-graded granulates.

Soil remediation and soil cleaning

Many soils, for example former landfills or illegal fills, contain materials that can be reused after processing. With remediation, cleaning and sorting, we can reduce the volume of unusable soil significantly and upgrade the released waste to reusable materials.

During dry soil cleaning we remove the larger components from the soil. This physical contamination is separated into reusable construction materials, possible flammable parts and waste. The soil component is cleaned to reusable soil and after processing it can be used for sound barriers and other large-scale soil applications.

During extractive cleaning we produce an end product that meets the requirements for sand fill and infill sand and even with the requirements for sand for a sand bed. The sand is often used as a foundation layer for new street paving.

Breaking up rubble

Rubble that originates from demolition works is processed into granulates of different sizes. They are used as foundation material in road construction or as a gravel replacement in concrete mortar and the concrete industry.

Most breakers only produce a 0-31.5 mm granulate. Attero likes to serve its clients with a size-graded granulate. By breaking up the granulate and screening it to various sizes, and washing it when required, we produce high-grade secondary construction materials.

Attero can use its mobile breaker to break at your works site, but we also have various sites. By disposing your waste at an Attero site, you are guaranteed to clear your building site quickly without impeding the progress of the construction.

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