Environmentally responsible storage

Attero has four operational landfill sites near Landgraaf (Limburg), Tilburg (Brabant), Wijster (Drenthe) and Wilp (Gelderland). At these landfills we will be able to dump specific waste flows in an environmentally responsible manner for the coming decades. This concerns substances that cannot be reused, composted or incinerated, such as contaminated soil, asbestos, sludge and other residues from separation and industrial processes that cannot be processed.

Management and aftercare

Attero also manages a large number of closed landfill sites. In these landfills we capture released wastewater, which is then purified. We also extract the landfill gas and ensure it is used in an environmentally responsible way. Management also includes the maintenance of the gas capture and extraction systems, the various covering layers and the landscaping, walking trails and cycle paths and access roads. We also focus our activities on permit obligations, such as control and reporting, and preparing and updating various aftercare plans. We value developing an area around our sites, and therefore we agree and coordinate our plans with local and provincial authorities and local residents. Our landfills are known as a ski slope (Uden site), golf course (Nuenen site) and the highest point of the Tour of Drenthe (Wijster site). 


The landfill of waste is governed by stringent statutory rules that are set out in the so-called Landfill Decree. The rules were devised to protect the environment and to guarantee safe and controllable processing. Over time the insights and knowledge have changed and consequently the rules. Attero is involved with the ‘Sustainable landfill management’ project of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (I&M).‘Duurzaam stortbeheer’ van het ministerie van I&M.

Which waste is dumped:

  • Asbestos-containing waste (supplied in big bags or in consultation)
  • Cleaning residue and non-cleanable soil
  • Dredging sludge that has no applications
  • Mineral flows, such as blasting grit that cannot be cleaned
  • Industrial sludge
  • Hazardous waste
  • Contaminated rubble (unsuitable for reuse)
  • Soil that cannot be cleaned (with Bodem+ certificate)
  • IBC construction materials (with or without batch inspection)
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