Green-gas booster

Large-scale production of sustainable green gas is possible

Attero is planning to build a Green-gas Booster in Wijster. With this innovation it will become possible to match fluctuations in the supply and demand of green gas in the grid.

This is a pilot project between various parties that is important to the future of using green gas on a large scale. This project involves installing a large compressor that connects the regional supply of green gas with the national demand. The Green-gas Booster will be built near Attero's green-gas production site in Wijster (Drenthe). In this way, Enexis, GTS and Attero make an important contribution to the sustainable energy transition.


There is considerable potential in green-gas production. In Wijster, Attero produces more than 10 million cubic metres of green gas. In the Enexis supply area alone, 35 millions of cubic metres of green gas were produced in 2014. Green gas is preferably injected locally, where the pressure is lower and the green gas is used immediately by the surrounding households and industries. During the summer period the local demand for gas is low, whilst the production of green gas remains continuously high. By using the Green-gas Booster, the production can be injected all year round because the grid has unlimited sales options at national level.

Attero would like to expand its green-gas production at Wijster, but currently it cannot get rid of a larger production during the summer. The Green-gas Booster will produce the answer. There are more interested parties that would like to supply their biogas to Attero for upgrading. With the arrival of the Booster, those suppliers can be connected too, because through the national grid sales are guaranteed throughout the year. Because the Green-gas Booster only needs to compress the surplus green gas, this produces a compact and efficient system with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Cooperation and joining knowledge

Joining the knowledge, experience and skills of Enexis, GTS and Attero has made this pilot a reality. By facilitating the large-scale production of green gas, they make an important contribution to achieving the sustainable energy target. The construction of the Green-gas Booster is under preparation. Green gas is renewable and that makes it a sustainable version of natural gas. Being able to produce green gas on a large scale is essential to achieving a transition to a more sustainable society.

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