Production of Biobased Substratecompost

Attero innovates with the production of Substrate

Attero introduces a new product. The process for achieving this quality is unique in the world of compost production from Vegetable, Garden and Fruit waste (VGF).

This new product is intended for potting-soil companies that produce various types of potting soil. They impose specific requirements on the properties and quality of their raw materials, including compost. The raw materials that Attero uses to make Substrate are source-separated vegetable, garden and fruit remnants. This organic material is subjected to a comprehensive cleaning and composting process to produce an end product that complies with the strict criteria imposed by the potting soil companies, including the RHP Certificate. This Certificate guarantees purchasers that the maximum number of germs have been killed and that Attero Substrate can be used widely because of its relatively low salt content.  

Own innovation

Attero developed the production process in-house, and the circulation of water plays a crucial role in this innovation. The compost factory in Venlo has been the birthplace of innovations introduced by Attero to combine composting and digesting technology over the years. This development was the result of a four-year research programme. Many pilots were conducted to test every aspect of the process. The resulting end product was tested by Wageningen University & Research and by potting-soil companies. Nationally and internationally, Attero is the first manufacturer to produce this new organic raw material, Substrate, on an industrial scale.

Market leader

With eight composting and digesting sites and factories, Attero is market leader in processing VGF waste in the Netherlands. From more than 600,000 tonnes of VGF waste that are offered we produce certified compost for agriculture and horticulture, potting soil and bagging sector, landscaping, and for earthworks, road and hydraulic engineering. The biobased-substrate raw material-product line (BSG) now includes Substrate, Potting soil, Plus compost and Bagged compost. Attero now plays a significantly greater part in the circular economy by making a positive contribution to limiting CO2 emissions.

De eerste paal op locatie Venlo is in de ochtend van 10 mei geboord.

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