Attero is market leader in digesting VGF waste into sustainable energy. At our sites in Wijster, Wilp, Venlo and Tilburg, we convert VGF waste into green gas and renewable electricity.

During the digesting process, micro-organisms produce biogas from VGF in an oxygen-free environment, and this is known as anaerobic digesting. At our Wilp and Tilburg sites, we take the VGF waste horizontally through a plant and keep it moving for 3 weeks with moving agitators that are a little like paddles. This produces biogas. In Wijster we work with a vertical digesting plant, where pumps produce the movement of the VGF. The remainder, the digestate, is composted together with fresh VGF into high-grade compost. In Venlo we use a two-stage digester plant that we have developed in-house. We rinse the fatty acids from the VGF and they are converted into biogas in a reactor.

From biogas to reusable energy

In order to apply biogas as a source of energy in households or business, we need an additional step. At our sites in Wilp and Venlo we convert biogas into green electricity with combined heat and power. The biogas drives a gas turbine that produces electricity and supplies it to the grid. In Tilburg and Wijster we upgrade biogas to green gas in a special plant. This gas has the same usage qualities as natural gas and is injected into the gas grid. We upgrade by separating the CO2, cleaning some contaminations from the gas and by adding the familiar gas odour. The CO2 is sold for industrial applications.

Biogas collector pipes

In 1989 Attero was the first company in the Netherlands with a biogas collector pipe. In Tilburg Attero upgrades biogas from its landfill and digester plant together with biogas from the adjacent digester plant of water board Waterschap De Dommel to green gas. In Wijster, Attero has the largest Green-Gas Hub. A biogas collector pipe of 13 km connects a large agricultural digester with the gas-upgrading plant. Each year, some 6 million cubic metres of agricultural biogas are converted into 4.3 million cubic metres of green gas. We inject this into the gas grid and supply this green gas as transport fuel to Green Planet, a fuel station for sustainable fuels.

Market leader in digesting VGF

Each year, Attero processes more than 600,000 tonnes of VGF. A third of that is processed in our digesters at the Wilp, Venlo, Wijster and Tilburg sites. This way we produce many millions of cubic metres of biogas per year. It is upgraded to green gas or used as fuel for special motors that turn it into green energy; electricity and heat. Part of this energy is used for our own processes, but a significant part of this energy is supplied to local authorities and local energy cooperatives.

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