Attero supports the objective to create a market for recycled plastics and signs the Plastic Pact.

Animation pledge with Polymer Recycling Plant

View our animation where we show the Polymer Recycling Plant and ask you: "What's your pledge?"

Pledge and Plastic Pact

As part of the 'Plastics Strategy' of the European Union, an EU-wide pledging campaign for the uptake of recycled plastics has been launched in 2018. As part of this campaign, the European Commission calls on stakeholders to come forward with voluntary pledges to boost the uptake of recycled plastics. The objective is to ensure that by 2025, ten million tonnes of recycled plastics find their way into new products on the EU market.

Following this good example, the Dutch government has also launched a pledging campaign, called the Plastic Pact. Attero is one of the 75 organizations that signed the Plastic Pact. The objectives for 2025 are:

  • All single-use plastic products and packaging that the Plastics-Using Companies place on the Dutch market are reusable where possible and appropriate, and are in any case 100% recyclable.
  • Each of the Plastics-Using Companies avoids unnecessary use of plastic materials through reduced use, more reuse and/or use of alternative, more sustainable materials, resulting in a 20% reduction in the amount of plastics (in kg) relative to the total amount of single-use products and packaging placed on the market, compared to the reference year (2017)10. This will in any case reduce the total amount of single-use plastic products and packaging of the Plastics-Using Companies combined.
  • The Plastics-Producing Companies will have created sufficient sorting and recycling capacity in the Netherlands so that at least 70% of all single-use plastic products and packaging (measured by weight) that reach the disposal stage in the Netherlands are recycled to a high standard.
  • All single-use plastic products and packaging marketed by Plastic-Using Companies will contain the highest possible percentage of recycled plastics (in kg), with each company achieving an average of at least 35%. Moreover, the plastics used will as much as possible be sustainably produced biobased plastics, in order to reduce the use of virgin fossil-based plastics.

Attero strongly supports these objectives and makes its contribution by investing in capacity for the post-separation, sorting and recycling of packaging waste to produce high quality regranulate. The high quality regranulate can then find its way into new products on the EU market.

At the launching event of the Plastic Pact the Ministry’s Secretary of State Stientje van Veldhoven also handed out the Circular Awards. Attero won the Circular Award in the category Plastics for the realization of its Polymer Recycling Plant, underpinning the value of Attero’s contribution.

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