Delivery of waste

You need a waste stream number for waste transport and delivery. To do this, you must fill in a description form. You can do this digitally via our customer portal or manually using a paper form. Without a waste stream number, you are breaking the law and will cause unnecessary waiting times at the weighbridge.

We will inspect and assess the forms. If you meet all legal requirements and acceptance conditions, you will receive a waste stream number. Sometimes, we need analyses to assess whether we can actually process the waste stream. Customer Services can inform you about this.

Attero does not accept all waste. This depends on:

The processing methods available at our facilities;the terms and conditions set out in our permits;the laws and regulations.

A carrier will transport the waste to the agreed transfer site or processing site. There, the vehicle will be weighed, stating the waste stream number and the vehicle's registration number. The cargo will be inspected for compliance with the agreed terms and conditions of acceptance. After inspection of the waste, the driver will unload their waste and return to the weighbridge.

If the waste you deliver does not meet our terms and conditions, you will be given the opportunity to retrieve the waste. You can also request that we do process the waste in spite of the above. In that case, you may be charged additional costs. The total amount of costs depends on the nature of the deviation and the alternative processing method needed. This only applies if the deviation is not so great as to prohibit you from transporting the waste on public roads or if we have a legal obligation to report the deviation to the province.

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