Attero, Nordsol and Titan join forces to produce bio-LNG for sustainable maritime transport

Attero, Nordsol, and Titan, three companies from very different sectors, have joined forces to achieve a decentralized production of bio-LNG designated for use in the maritime industry. The three partners met at the site for the plant – located at the facility of waste processor Attero in Wilp, the Netherlands – where the final investment decision was made and where building can now begin.

From left to right: Paul Ganzeboom (CEO Attero), Wouter Zijlmans (CEO Nordsol) and Ronald van Selm (CTO Titan) met at the site for the new bio-LNG production plant to start their unique collaboration.

The FirstBio2Shipping project is set to deliver the first bio-LNG early 2024. The plant will produce around 2,400 ton/year of bio-LNG (or liquefied biomethane). Attero will process domestic biowaste into 6 million Nm3 of biogas per year. Nordsol and Attero will jointly produce 2,400 tons/year high-purity bio-LNG and 5,000 tons/year liquid bio-CO2 from this biogas using Nordsol’s patented iLNG technology. Clean fuel supplier Titan, the exclusive long-term off-taker, will supply the bio-LNG to the maritime industry where it will cost-effectively substitute fossil fuels.

The produced bio-LNG will reduce GHG emissions by 92% compared to a conventional maritime fuel, representing more than 87500 tCO2e net absolute emissions avoided during the first ten years of operation.

More ambitious sustainability goals and the need for energy independence have increased the demand for biomethane in both gaseous and liquid form. With the decision to invest and collaborate in the FirstBio2Shipping project, the three partners make it clear that bio-LNG production with integrated biogenic CO2 liquefaction offers maximum green value and economic value for biogas, even if the production plant is small-scale and is decentralized.

Léon van Bossum, commercial director, Nordsol: “Nordsol is committed to making bio-LNG mainstream together with various partners. In 2021 we built the first Dutch bio-LNG installation to make road transport more sustainable. As a frontrunner, we are proud to also contribute to the decarbonization of the maritime sector, together with Titan and Attero. The FirstBio2Shipping project is intended to start a snowball effect, resulting in more and larger installations that help make shipping more sustainable.”

Ronald van Selm, CTO, Titan said: “At Titan, we are dedicated to delivering all fuels that decarbonize shipping and industry in a substantial way. We recognise bio-LNG as a strong clean fuel and we have therefore acted to progress its production and supply to the maritime industry. We are excited to reach the build stage of the project with the Attero and Nordsol teams. They are committed, valuable partners and we look forward to collaborating with them further in the future.

Jan-Willem Steyvers, business developer, Attero added: “Producing Bio-LNG out of biogas from biowaste for decarbonising the maritime sector is a unique innovation. Attero is delighted with the cooperation with partners Nordsol and Titan in bringing biogas to a high-end quality product. Yet another step in our mission of continuously increasing sustainability and creating raw materials and energy out of waste.

Last year, The European Union awarded the project with €4,3M in funding, a clear recognition by the EU of the vital role that bio-LNG will play in decarbonising long-haul maritime transport. This year, on the 19th of October, the European Parliament adopted the FuelEU Maritime Regulation, which aims at the decarbonization of maritime transport, and recognized (liquefied) biomethane as a renewable fuel and its potential to blend with and replace fossil LNG. This joint bio-LNG project therefore fits perfectly in the European policies to achieve the climate and energy transition goals.

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About Attero

As a partner of private and public parties, Attero offers sustainable solutions for their waste flows. Attero's core activities are the recovery of reusable raw materials and sustainable energy from vegetable, fruit and garden waste, PMD packaging waste, residual waste and mineral flows. Innovative and profitable solutions are the starting point. Attero processes more than 4 million tons of waste annually and has approximately 800 employees at its various locations in the Netherlands.

About Titan

Titan is a leading, independent, physical (Bio)LNG supplier. We are ISO certified and an accredited LNG bunker provider on the forefront of LNG developments in the small-scale sector around the world for 10 years. Titan is incorporated under the laws of The Netherlands and our head office is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It’s Titan’s mission to contribute to a cleaner future by supplying (bio)LNG, and in the near future E-LNG derived from hydrogen, as a fuel to industrial customers, truck fuelling stations and the marine sector.

About Nordsol

Nordsol strives to make bio-LNG mainstream with its patented technology. The unique and energy efficient production process converts biogas into high-quality bio-LNG and biogenic liquid CO2. The CO2 is captured in an integrated set-up providing an proven opportunity of CCU technology. Everything is done in an economically viable way and is thus an alternative for green gas. Nordsol works together with various biogas suppliers, bio-LNG customers, and investors to increase the production capacity of bio-LNG, and strives for a production capacity of 30 kilotons of bio-LNG per year in 2025.

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