One of the companies at the Energy Transition Park is Noblesse, a specialist supplier of high-quality proteins and fats from Category 3 Poultry by-products.

"Noblesse works closely with Attero, responding quickly and adequately to questions and issues raised within this collaboration, and we also regularly discuss future joint opportunities that will have an impact over a longer period of time."

The collaboration between Noblesse and Attero was born when the Northern provinces worked together to realise sustainable initiatives and solutions for climate change. Both companies saw opportunities to address this by applying energy cascade utilisation.

Bert Blokzijl says: "The Energy Transition Park (ETP) is of great added value to us. The site has plenty of space with good infrastructure and good access roads and the connections to public utilities are close by. Above all, the opportunity to work together on developing our companies has huge added value. For example, the cooperation with Attero has led to a significant reduction in our natural gas consumption and therefore CO2 emissions! And, in turn, Noblesse has increased the energy efficiency of Attero's waste power plant by taking steam directly from the plant, thus ensuring very high availability. We are currently building our own water purification system. This is primarily for our own use, but Noblesse does not rule out a collaboration with Attero or other parties at the ETP on matters relating to water purification.

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